The White Tiger – Value for Money

The reason behind 3hr+ movies with intermissions and tasteless excess:

‘That evening, while driving back to the apartment, I looked into the rearview mirror. Mr Ashok was wearing a T-shirt.
It was like no T-shirt I would ever choose to buy at a store. The larger part of it was empty and white and there was a small design in the centre. I would have bought something very colourful, with lots of words and designs on it. Better value for the money.’ – p.149

[please post any pics to best communicate this]

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  1. Hahaha! yep!!! Value for money is really is the one and only reason! its changing now though. But I'm sure its going to be a long time before Bollywood can shake off their image of singing and dancing movies. Its like Western movies in Hollywood, they never get old.. they just turn into classics.

  2. My god India has/ had a weird fashion sense – like the japanese but different…

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